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privacy policy


We at BOOGY respect your privacy and personal life, but sometimes we need personal data from you. By the term Personal Data, we mean information with which you can be identified directly or indirectly as a person.

In this statement you can read which Personal Data we use. You can also read how we store, protect and process this Personal Data.

The Privacy Policy applies to our website and the services or products we offer. We treat your Personal Data in accordance with the GDPR and other relevant laws and regulations in the field of the protection of Personal Data, such as the Telecommunications Act for the use of cookies.


BOOGY processes the following categories of personal data:

  • Contact and name and address details;

  • Location data;

  • E-mail address;

  • Company details;

  • Different delivery address;

  • Financial details;

  • Account information, including your password and username;


Other personal data provided by you.


If you use our Website and Services, we may need your Personal Data for this.

We are allowed to process your Personal Data because we comply with the Relevant Legislation. We only use your Personal Data:

For the execution of the agreement with you;

To comply with a legal obligation;

For a legitimate interest of ours, after your interests have been weighed up;

If you have given permission for this;

If this is necessary for the protection of your vital interests or those of another natural person, or

If this is necessary for the performance of a task in the public interest or the task entrusted to us in the exercise of public authority.


We ensure that the processing of your Personal Data is adequate, relevant and limited to what we need for the purposes for which the Personal Data is processed.



The processing of personal data is only possible on the following grounds: (i) legal obligation, (ii) execution of the agreement, (iii) obtained (explicit) permission from the data subjects, and (iv) legitimate interest. Personal data is processed when providing BOOGY's services. BOOGY only processes data that we deem necessary for (improving) the service and handles the (personal) data that it has collected about you and your use of the services with care. The basis for processing this data is the agreement you have entered into with BOOGY. Your personal data may also be processed by visiting the website if you have given permission for this.


The processing of your personal data is necessary to be able to perform the service. The services that BOOGY offers cannot be fully performed without the processing of your personal data. If your explicit permission is required for specific purposes with regard to the personal data, you must give permission for this separately.


BOOGY only shares personal data with third parties if this is strictly necessary for the execution of an agreement and to comply with relevant laws and regulations. No personal data is sold. BOOGY may have a legal obligation to share personal data with third parties. If personal data is shared with third parties, processing agreements are concluded for this. The third parties with whom personal data is shared are:

The delivery service(s)/sellers engaged on BOOGY, for the purpose of executing the agreement. The categories of personal data that are processed are contact and name and address data and location data.

The Payment Provider, for the purpose of executing an agreement. The categories of personal data that are processed are financial data.

The Bookkeeper, for the purpose of executing an agreement. The categories of personal data that are processed are contact and name and address details and financial data.

Software suppliers, for the purpose of the execution of the agreement. The categories of personal data that are processed are the location data, the e-mail address and contact and name and address details.

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