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So everyone can enjoy the fun of sport!

By making innovative, sustainable products

Imagine: you have been exercising, you are having a nice drink after your workout, the music is getting louder and before you know it you are dancing on the bar. That's when your sports socks come out… and what do you see, two very boring socks that don't radiate any fun at all.

Four young entrepreneurs who share a passion for sports. And…, also like to have fun. Combine that with a good idea, the urge to do business and BOOGY is born.

BOOGY was founded in September 2021 by Sam, Loek, Andries and Maxim. Four students met during their studies. By sharing the same passions and interests we clicked and in no time our idea was born.

At BOOGY we make innovative and sustainable products. In this way, we want that everyone can enjoy the fun of sports, by making products that allow people to experience the fun of sports.

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